Access Family Law believes in awareness with regards to legal matters and legal representation as an avenue that facilitates the dispensing of justice to the deserving. In that regard, the firm endeavors to provide access to vital legal information that could be used by individuals and organizations in provision of quality legal services. Below are some of the events organized by Access Family Law in conjunction with partners that create this much needed awareness:

Family Law Week

Family Law Week is a quarterly event organized by Access Family Law. The event is aimed at providing access to important legal information to participants across the city with special focus on civil law affairs.

This is a cooperative venture where likeminded legal organizations, legal professionals as well as scholars in the legal industry come together and share experiences, simulate legal scenarios and share wonderful insights in areas that affect our everyday lives in legal terms. The event is organized every last Saturday of the month, once every three months.

The main objective is to make it believable, and undoubtedly clear that it is possible for justice to be dispensed to all, regardless of their social status, race, color, origin or even educational background.

International Conference on Justice and Legal Affairs

This is a yearly organized meeting that is focused on bringing together representatives from member organizations across the world to a weeklong conference in a selected city. The aim is to have a global assembly of these participants with the view of dissecting important legal matters of the day as well as sharing experiences in the legal profession in respective countries.

At the end of the day, the main intention is uniformity in approach to these matters regardless of where one is. Also, there are discussions which center around the need to ensure justice is served in time to those that deserve it regardless of where they are.

Each year, a unique theme is chosen around which other matters revolve and at the end of the conference, there is a write-up that is generated and distributed for future reference.