5 Important Steps towards a Successful Law Career

Different industries have different requirements that are necessary to operate in and become successful. The legal sector is one with its own prerequisites that make one succeed at it. Below is a brief look at a selected few steps that one can consider in their quest to have a successful career in the legal world.

Be Passionate About Justice

Just like any other area of life, one cannot be successful at anything they do not enjoy doing. Being passionate at something makes doing it enjoyable and less strenuous.

So for starters, one has to be passionate about matters law, criminology and civil affairs. Only then can they explore other steps that are vital on the way to a successful experience in the legal industry.

Go To Law School

You cannot be a successful name within the legal business without the necessary training. Conventionally, one needs a Law Degree to get started. This goes for a period of not less than four years in an educational institution that offers law courses coupled with a year or two in a pure law set-up that will expose an individual to fellow industry practitioners in order to exchange notes and learn from each other.

Going to Law School gives one the necessary certification and positions them at a vintage position from where they can comply with the industry needs and operate effortlessly.

Have a Mentor

Ultimately, one needs someone to hold their hand and show them the ropes on how business is conducted within the legal field. Looking for an effective mentor is one of the best ways through which one can introduce themselves to the industry.

It doesn’t have to be fancy but if one can get an experienced legal mind to teach them the basics of the business, the better. A mentor will guide you and point you to the direction of what needs to be done and how to go about it.

Establish a Private Law Firm

A good law practitioner is one who is able to be on their own. The ability to successfully start a private law firm that will be stable and able to stand on its own is what makes one stand out within the industry.

That coupled with ability to make it reputable by successfully handling complex cases swiftly transforms it into a well-known brand that will be one of the most sought after within the industry.

Take Up Cases

They say practice makes perfect. After one has gone to school, has identified a mentor and established a private practice, it is then time for the rubber to meet the road. The best way to gauge one’s ability in matters law is to take up cases and more importantly win them.

Cases come in different forms. Some criminal in nature, others civil. It is up to the individual to identify where he will thrive and invest in it in order to develop a brand and excel in service delivery.

3 Secrets of Law that Legal Experts Don’t Want You to Know

Legal professionals, mostly lawyers have their own work related secrets that they jealously guard against access by the common man. These are things that make them isolated and stand out as one of a kind in their day to day activities. Have a look at some of these, below:

It is all About Facts and Evidence

Whenever one is in need of legal representation, they will indefinitely have to look for a lawyer or simply a legal representative. This applies whether the client is innocent or guilty.

The Lawyer’s primary responsibility is to successfully argue out their clients’ case and either have an acquittal or dismissal as one of the two possible outcomes based on the evidence presented before a court of law.

One thing that a Layer will hardly tell you however, is that in a courtroom, it is always about a proven piece of evidence that will determine whether one is guilty or innocent. This almost usually applies where the client is guilty as confessed to their lawyer.

A Lawyer can almost tell the Outcome of a Case Even Before it is Determined

They just won’t explicitly tell it for “fear” of looking prejudiced. As part of the whole representation process, the lawyer will sit with the client and look holistically at the merits and demerits of the case at hand. Sometimes, a lawyer will notice guilt written all over the clients face.

This, rated against the kind of evidence at their disposal can easily give a lawyer a clue about the final outcome of the case. Lawyers live on hope and therefore they won’t just tell their clients that they may go away for a long time when it is all said and done. This can only be obvious before the floor of a court after a ruling to that effect has been made.

Sometimes the Innocent are “Guilty”

It has been said before that slightly above 30% of those behind bars are innocent. This could be for various reasons ranging from poor representation, strength of evidence tabled to being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

It is for this reason that sometimes, walking to a courtroom does not necessarily guarantee that one would leave it still innocent. The outcome of a case could return a guilty verdict to an innocent party. Perhaps this is one reason as to why Charles Dickens retorted, “The Law is an Arse”

4 Common Myths About Law and Legal Matters

Just like many other sectors, the legal industry comes with its fair share of myths that have existed for a long time. Here are some of these myths:

The Law is an Arse

This has to be funniest there is. How someone sat down and decided to be so cruel towards law is simply baffling. Though it is a phrase that has its origin in the literary world, having been first put in print by Charles Dickens in his 1838 book titled “Oliver Twist”, the phrase finds a common practical application in the modern world.

In a layman’s language, the phrase is an almost lazy way of angrily yelling that the law, in its purest form, is very stupid and often fails to accomplish its goal.

Justice is for The Rich

There is this assertion that justice is not for everybody. Perhaps this is one of the closest myths to truth in the legal profession. There are numerous practical examples in which this allegation could find practicability. We all have seen the rich walk free even when they are guilty when the not so rich are put behind bars sometimes for the most trivial of allegations.

While this has been and continues to be the case time after time, there is not absolute justification that indeed, this can be plainly put in thick ink to be the truth and nothing but the truth. It therefore remains a myth because in all legal processes, it is always about proving innocence regardless of whether the parties involved are rich or poor.

Family Comes First

Some cases involve members of the same household. These could be criminal or civil lawsuits. Where the cases are of high magnitude which could involve a guilty party going away for the longest possible time, some families either prefer not to press charges or simply opt for an out of court settlement.

However, the law is the law. Justice has to be served regardless of whoever is involved. This renders the assertion that family comes first null and void, legally speaking.

It Has to End in a Courtroom

It is almost naturally assumed that all legal related matters have to end in a courtroom, before a magistrate or a judge. While this is a normal phase of any legal process, it is not always necessary.

Granted, some legal situations are so grievous that they have to be heard and determined by a qualified and experienced professional. Such include murder and robbery. However, for the less serious of cases such as those that involve indiscipline among children for instance could be handled within the precincts of a family unit.

This saves time and hard to get resources that would have otherwise been used in a formal legal process.